Baby gorilla born at Jersey Zoo

A baby gorilla has been born at Jersey Zoo.

Bahasha gave birth to a baby western lowland gorilla on 15 November.

Keepers say 25-year-old Bahasha is doing well following the birth.

The baby has been suckling, but it is still very early so both mother and baby are being monitored closely by zoo staff.

Jersey Zoo
Keepers say they do not yet know if the baby is male or female. Credit: Durrell

Deputy Head of Mammals at Jersey Zoo says the team at Durrell is "absolutely thrilled with the news" and "so pleased that Bahasha and her infant are doing well so far".

This birth is a great success for Durrell and the western lowland gorilla captive breeding programme. With this species being severely threatened in the wild, every new-born is an important addition to the captive population. As with all births, the first few days are crucial, so we are being extremely cautious and have been keeping a close eye on the group. Currently, the gorillas all appear to be settled, and dad Badongo has been protectively watching over Bahasha and their new baby.

Gordon Hunt, Deputy Head of Mammals

Keepers say they do not yet know if the baby is male or female, and "Bahasha, her baby and the rest of the gorillas will need some privacy and time to adjust to the exciting, new addition to the family".

Whilst the new member settles in, the gorilla keeper talks may be cancelled and the gorillas’ indoor area will be closed for certain periods during the day.