Historian Dan Snow has released a documentary about people's experiences in Guernsey during the occupation.

The documentary has been released ahead of the 75th Liberation Day anniversary in 2020. Dan Snow has also announced that he will continue his role as a ‘heritage ambassador’ for Guernsey.

Dan had visited Guernsey earlier in the year making short films, podcasts and posting on social media to generate interest in the island as part of his role.

During the documentary Dan also visits Alderney and Sark to look at German relics.

We are extremely pleased that Dan has agreed to work with VisitGuernsey again next year to celebrate a true and important milestone for The Islands of Guernsey. Dan’s natural enthusiasm for his subject and for the Islands of Guernsey shines through during this compelling documentary.

Mike Hopkins, Director of Marketing and Tourism

The documentary can be seen on History Hit TV.