More than 7,000 trees planted in Jersey

More than 7,000 trees have been planted in Jersey this weekend.

80 volunteers helped to plant the trees and hedgrow at Sorel.

In May this year the States Assembly declared a Climate Emergency. It's hoped the trees will help to tackle the current climate crisis, as well as provide an important habitat for our local biodiversity.

This is probably the biggest planting event that we've been a part of for a long time. People are here to help us plant native hedging and trees in a very exposed site in Sorel, which has been identified by the latest states surveys as being a priority tree planting root for squirrels, bats and hedgehogs, birds etc and so that's why we're here in this particular location.

Robin Hart, Jersey Trees for Life

It's to enhance our biodiversity but it's also trying to emphasise to people the importance of sequesting carbon locally, so actually we know that plants and trees are good for carbon, we've got a climate emergency so we need to be doing more activities like that in order to address that.

Jane Burns, Eco Active