Ex-tropical Storm moves towards islands. Sophia explains what it means for us

Storm Sebastien became an "ex tropical storm" 2 days ago (24th November), but as it continues to move towards the UK, it is colliding with a cold front which means wet and windy weather will be on the cards for the UK as well as the Channel Islands over the next few days.

"Ex - tropical" means that a storm has now lost the tropical characteristics.

Ex-tropical Storm Sebastian, now a deep area of low pressure, is sitting to the south of Ireland and tracking towards the SW coast of England.

Jersey Met have issued an Orange Coastal Warning, for tonight's high tide at 6.10pm although they have told me it is more of an warning for tomorrow mornings tide at 6.33am, when the tide is a fraction higher and the winds will have increased further.

Guernsey also have warnings for water over-topping the coastal walls. There is a tide warning for tonight on the east coast and a flood warning for tomorrow morning on the west coast, as the winds increase to gale force.

There has also been a wind warning issued for gale force winds. Currently this is mainly for shipping, but by tomorrow afternoon Jersey Met have suggested they could increase this warning to include severe gale force winds from the west as ex-tropical storm Sebastien moves closer to the islands.

I have spoken to the Department of Infrastructure who have said they are keeping an eye on the situation. Tide boards are likely to be put in place in Jersey, and currently there is no plan to use the flood gate at Beaumont as they feel the new sea defense is giving enough of a barrier to the sea's efforts.

Across the water in the UK, the Met Office have warned that flood affected areas may be further affected by more heavy rain over the next several days. Several yellow weather warnings in southwest and northeast England have been issued as torrential showers are expected from Sebastien’s remnants.

I'll have more in the programme at the 6pm on ITV Channel, but in the meantime, this morning's latest forecast can he found here.

Tide and wind warnings have been issued by Jersey Met Credit: ITV Channel TV