Anyone eligible to vote in Guernsey's election next year can register on the electoral roll from today.

It is the first fully island-wide election, after islanders voted for it in a referendum last year.

Full details of who can vote, where ballots can be cast and how the new system will work, can be found at

The island's Registrar General of Electors says he is hopeful that many people will register to vote.

This is an electoral system that the island chose through the referendum, and we're hoping that will motivate the community to sign up, to engage in the democratic process and to deliver a very high turn out on the day of the election itself.

Adrian Lewis, Registrar-General of Electors

Information on postal voting can also be found on the website and can be applied for at the same time as the electoral roll.

To be eligible to vote, islanders need to be 16 years of age by the 17 June 2020 and have been resident in Guernsey for two years continuously or for five years if having left and returned.

The electoral roll will remain open until the 30th April.