Jersey Government plan given green light

The Jersey States Assembly has voted to adopt the Government plan for 2020-2023.

The newly named plan, replacing the old Medium Term Financial Plan, details how much can be raised from taxes and spent on public services until 2023.

After a week of debate on the plan and 45 amendments debated, the plan has now been approved with a number of changes.

  • A look at some of the things happening:


Fuel duty is going up, costing drivers 6p more per litre from the New Year.


Added to the price of a bottle of spirits.


More per pint of strong beer.


Long term care contributions will increase to 1.5% not 2% as had originally been proposed.

These amendments will bring in an extra £1 million a year for the treasury.

The plan also proposed a number of cost saving initiatives, in a hope to save £100 million in the next four years.

  • Some amendments to the Government plan were defeated:

  • Stamp duty rates will remain unchanged

  • A first time buyers' deposit scheme was rejected

  • Child allowances will remain the same

  • Costs of doctor appointments will not reduce

  • Parking charges will remain the same