A painting showing Guernsey States member Deputy John Gollop with his shirt undone and relaxed on a bench has gone on show at a St Peter Port gallery.

The painting by Rob Sweeney has been causing great interest across the island.

It makes people stop and stare. There has been lots of great reaction, and some bemusement, as he’s iconic and everyone knows who he is. Someone ran past and screamed ‘it’s John Gollop!’ in the road the other day.

Tiffany Matthews, Studio 24

The painting will be on show at Studio 24 until 24 December.

The painting by Rob Sweeney shows the politician sitting on a park bench. Credit: Studio 24

It is not the first time Deputy John Gollop has been the subject for local artists. In 2014 graffiti artists created a stencil of his face.