Little Chapel development could put businesses at risk, says shop owner

A Guernsey businessman says developing the Little Chapel mean he will have to close down.

The tourist attraction is undergoing a three-year renovation, to make sure it is back up to scratch for its 100th birthday in 2021. This will include making it disability-friendly.

But Martyn Guille from Silversmiths & Fine Jewellers, which is adjacent to the Little Chapel, says this could prevent public access to his shop and put him out of business.

If the foundation actually gets what they propose, it will effectively close my business down because visitors won’t be able to access my site easily enough and I rely on the cruise ships passengers so heavily in the summer to keep my business going.

Martyn Guille, Silversmiths & Fine Jewellers
The plans include new designs of the gardens, wheelchair access and communal spaces. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The Chapel's committee has fought back at these comments, saying the new and improved site will attract more visitors and therefore be beneficial for local businesses.

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