Islanders are being warned to take care when out on the roads this morning after 70 mph winds brought down trees across the Bailiwicks, blocking roads.

Emergency Services, States Works and the Environment and Infrastructure Department teams in Jersey and Guernsey have been clearing up debris and fallen trees through the night.

A tree came down on Route St Andrew in Guernsey blocking the road between the Co-op and Brickfield Lane.

The States of Jersey Police are advising people not to go out, unless they have to.

Sark sailings have been also been disrupted and flights in and out of Alderney Airport were cancelled.

There are several trees down due to the winds which has blocked many roads. If you don't need to go out it is best to stay in. Drivers please take care and drive appropriately as there may be a tree in the road on the next corner.

States of Jersey Police, social media post

In Alderney's, volunteer run radio station Quay FM went off air for the first time in its five year history after the storm caused transmission to cut out.

Dougal Bohan said the team of volunteers at Quay FM were determined to get back on the airwaves to provide information for listeners. Credit: ITV Channel TV

We were still doing our shows from 7 until 10 this morning. Although we weren't going live on air, you've got the chance to listen to those shows again this evening, so we still did the shows as normal.

Dougal Bohan, Quay FM