'It's a small island' campaign warns people about dangers of drink driving in Guernsey

People in Guernsey are being warned about the dangers of drink driving when living in a small island.

The Health Improvement Commission says on average, 92 people are convicted of the offence each year in the island, a figure which has remained fairly consistent over the last decade.


Number of vehicles stopped as part of the 2018 anti-drink driving campaign in Guernsey.

The Commission, Guernsey Police and Specsavers Creative have worked together to redesign the anti-drink drive message.

The theme of this week's campaign is 'It's a small island', which is hoped to "get people thinking about the close-knit community they live in and how there is no excuse for drink driving".

We have often communicated the message that even in such a small island our efforts to get the anti-drink drive message across is not being heard by everyone.

Andrea Nightingale, Drug and Alcohol Strategy Co-ordinator

Number of arrests for driving whilst over the prescribed limit during 2018 Christmas campaign.

Tom Marshall from Guernsey Police says recently there was a driver nearly five-times the legal limit.

The idiocy of getting behind the wheel after drinking beggars belief. Despite repeated campaigns and society largely rejecting it, we still find people who think it is acceptable. It is not.

Roads Policing Inspector Tom Marshall, Guernsey Police

The Specsavers’ Creative team says it "wanted to create a campaign which was hard-hitting, engaging but, most importantly, specific to islanders".

We know how close-knit the Guernsey community is, so the campaign is based on the fact that we are always in close proximity to each other.

Naomi Bishop, Specsavers Creative team

The Liberation Group are offering free soft drinks to people drivingtwo or more of their friends or family on nights out over Christmas.