A surrogate mum in Jersey says helping her friends become parents was the craziest but best adventure of her life.

Karina Ward first thought about surrogacy after seeing her best friend Sue experience years of struggles getting pregnant.

At first it was just a pact between the two of them, but after Karina had her own children it became a reality.

We kind of laughed about it at first, but she knew I was serious. Once my son had been born I knew I could carry a baby, then as soon as my daughter was born, we said let's do it. >

Karina Ward, Surrogate

Sue's dreams came true when they found out Karina was pregnant with twins, giving her the family she had always hoped for.

Despite initially vowing only to do surrogacy once, Karina said the feelings she got from her first pregnancy left her longing to help others.

Since then, she has also helped her friend Daniel and his partner Hilario complete their family.

To actually be able to get to the point where you have helped somebody become parents is just the most mind-blowingly crazy adventure you could ever imagine yourself on.

Karina Ward, Surrogate

Now she is speaking out about her journey to raise awareness about surrogacy, and to encourage others to consider it.

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