People in Alderney will celebrate 74 years since the first group of islanders returned home after being evacuated during World War II.

This Sunday marks the anniversary of Alderney's Homecoming which happened on 15 December 1945.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

The island was under Nazi occupation for five years and in that time several camps were built on the island including SS Lager Sylt, which was the only Nazi concentration camp in Britain.

Alderney was then run as a communal farm for 2 years after the war to help repair the island.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

In 1940 at 12-years-old, Beda Thompson, along with all but seven of Alderney's residents, fled the island.

Ms Thompson returned to the Alderney in 1945 and remembers the original Homecoming Day clearly.

Well it's a special time, it's a time of reflection and then also happy, because at least we got back. I don't know if it sunk in how serious it was when we were being evacuated.

Beda Thompson
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A Homecoming service will be held at St Anne's Church on Sunday 15 December at 10:30am. This will be followed by a short prayer at the Evacuation plaque at the Courthouse.