Channel Islands react to Conservative win in UK General Election

As Channel Islanders wake up to a UK Conservative government this morning, a Jersey politician has welcomed the return of Boris Johnson to Downing Street.

The Conservatives have secured a big majority in the 2019 General Election.

Jersey's Minister for External Relations, Senator Ian Gorst told ITV News he looks forward to building on the positive working relationship already established between Jersey and the UK Government.

In a statement he went on to say this was critical, as brexit negotiations move forward.

Mr Johnson has made a commitment to ‘Get Brexit Done’ and it is very likely that we will see the Withdrawal Bill brought back before the new Parliament, before the end of 2019. Our positive relationship is critical as the United Kingdom moves to the next stage of Brexit negotiations, and enters into discussions on the future economic partnership between the UK and the EU. We need to ensure that Jersey’s interests continue to be well understood and properly taken into account, ensuring the best possible outcome for the Island, its residents and businesses.

Senator Ian Gorst (Jersey's Minister for External Relations)

Meanwhile Guernsey's Chief Minister, Gavin St Pier also reiterated the importance of a close working relationship given the Prime Minister's mandate to 'get brexit done'.

A government with a substantial majority in the UK should now mean greater stability in the UK and increased certainty in regard to the direction and progress of Brexit matters, including for the passage of relevant legislation through the UK parliament. We should welcome that clarity after so much uncertainty in recent years.

Gavin St Pier, Chief Minister of Guernsey