Jersey fisherman have called for clarity over the regulations they will have to abide by after Brexit.

In the wake of a landslide Conservative majorityin the UK general election, the UK is set to leave the European Union on 31 January 2020.

However, some fishermen are still anxious that they may still be bound by EU regulations in the future.

Donald Thompson, President of Jersey Fishermen's Association, says that the outcome of the election will make good reading for his colleagues - but that Jersey needs to take control of its own fish stocks.

Donald Thompson says the government must act on dwindling fish stocks. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The Jersey Fishermen's Association have been very active recently and pushing our politicians to go for more autonomy, to at least take control of permitting all those boats which need to have access to our waters. We don't need to throw them out but we need to control what they're doing when they're here. Fish stocks are going the wrong way, we need to take control of managing our fish stocks. It's a public asset it's a national treasure we need to look after it better.

Donald Thompson, President of Jersey Fishermen's Association

In its Brexit planning, Jersey's government acknowledged the potential that there will be more pressure on fish stocks in the area and said they would be monitoring the situation.

Senator Ian Gorst says the government 'shares the concern' of local fishermen and is already working with representatives from France to guarantee

Senator Ian Gorst says the government is already working with representatives in France on an agreement. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey fishermen are worried that in a post-Brexit world, we need to take more actions and are those stocks sustainable? We share entirely their concern and this is a negotiation that we're having with the French. We understand entirely what the Jersey Fishermen's Association wants and we share their policy outcomes, but we have to deal with these in a diplomatic process.

Senator Ian Gorst, Jersey's Minister for External Relations