Guernsey Water wants to provide two refill stations

Water bottle refill stations will soon be made available in two of Guernsey's popular locations.

Guernsey Water says it plans to introduce two refill stations in the island, providing it gets planning approval.

One station will be installed near the Liberation Monument due to the large number of people visiting the area and the other at Vazon for beach goers, dog walkers and members of the public.

The Liberation Monument is one of the locations where a water refill station will be available. Credit: Guernsey Water

The refill scheme launched in summer 2018, and there are now over 100 local businesses signed up as refill stations in the island.

Guernsey Water says the plans are in line with two of the company's seven business outcomes:

  • To protect our environment; and

  • To provide water that is safe and good to drink

The company also says the investment is in the best interest of the islanders in the long term.