Jersey's Chief Minister says 2020 is year of action for government

Jersey's Chief Minister has told the island's business leaders this year is about putting the government's plans into action.

Senator John Le Fondré was speaking at Jersey's Chamber of Commerce lunch. He told a busy room that in 2018 the Government put together a strategic policy, in 2019 they created the Government Plan and now in 2020 it was time to deliver those plans.

His comments follow criticism that his Government had made many plans and policies, but that it has lacked action.

In his speech, he went through a number of areas where there would be action from the government.

  • Brexit

Senator Le Fondré told the busy room at the RaddisonBlu hotel that the island must take advantage of the opportunities that Brexit provides and build on relationships with the UK, EU Member States and global international markets.

He said the focus will be on promoting and protecting Jersey’s international identity and reputation, and making sure Jersey's voice is heard in any negotiations.

  • Hospital

Senator Le Fondré told business leaders that in 2020 he is "absolutely committed" to concluding the debate on the new hospital location and construction.

He went on to say he was confident the project has the "real momentum it needs", and it will be "contractually committed" by 2022.

  • Migration Policy

Senator Le Fondré told the room one of the most 'difficult' policy decisions will be on migration. He said by the end of the year he expects to have a migration policy agreed.

  • Modernising Government

Senator Le Fondré told business leaders that when you compare January 2019 to January 2020, the Government is in a far more confident position.

Senator Le Fondré said the government has already sought expressions of interest on their office modernisation strategy with plans to move staff from 14 offices and move 1,600 public servants into a new, permanent building.

He said as well as providing a better working environment for staff it will free up sites for much needed affordable housing.

The Chief Minister ended his speech by saying 2020 will be crucial to the future prosperity of Jersey, and he feels Jersey can meet the emerging challenges of the new decade.