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Acorn Enterprise looks to expand to help disabled islanders

The organisation says it has 34 people on a waiting list to join its employment programme - some of whom have been waiting for months. Credit: ITV Channel TV

An organisation in Jersey which trains and employs islanders with disabilities and mental health issues says it needs more funding to support its work.

Acorn Enterprise says it has the facilities in place to train everyone it works with, but is calling for more money so that it can employ more staff.

It says it currently has 34 people on the waiting list to join its employment programme, and some have been waiting for months.

We have a waiting list through Acorn Training & Development, and that doesn't sit well with us. The key to unlocking opportunities is more support staff, to enable people to move on through the system to gain employment.

And the thing is, our clients can be anyone from any walk of life. We are here for a very diverse range of needs including, increasingly, mental health issues.

– Jocelyn Butterworth, Executive Officer of Jersey Employment Trust

Of the 34 people on the waiting list, 46% have a mental health issue and 23% have a learning difficulty. A further 20% have a physical impairment, while 11% are on the autism spectrum.

Since it opened its Acorn Reuse facility in Trinity, the social enterprise has created 50 new jobs and more than 400 training opportunities.

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