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St. Sampson residents voice concerns over parking for new school in Guernsey

Attendees discussed the traffic impact assessment published late last year. Credit: ITV Channel TV

St. Sampson residents raised concerns about Guernsey's controversial new school model at a meeting in the parish last night (15 January).

The issue of parking at the Victor Hugo College, one of the two new sites for the Lisia School, was a focal point of the evening.

Teachers, parents, local residents and members of the St Sampson Douzaine were among the 300 people in attendance at the meeting hosted by the Dean of Guernsey, Tim Barker.

The panel was made up of:

  • Richard Evans - Senior officer for Education, Sports and Culture
  • Steve Foote - Programme director for Lisia School
  • Phil Ayres - Traffic Advisor for ARUP

Parishoners discussed the traffic impact assessment published late last year.

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Also up for discussion were speed limits, emergency vehicle access at peak times, children walking in bad weather, and the welfare of children between the drop off points and the school.

St. Sampson Douzaines are preparing a response to the Planning Department following the meeting.

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