Thousands of selfies wanted for Liberation 75 project in Jersey

Thousands of selfies are wanted to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Liberation.

ArtHouse Jersey has already had over 100 submissions for its project 'Face of Liberation'.

Launched last week, it aims to create one large face made up of up to 10,000 smaller ones of people who live in Jersey now and in the past.

The 1,000 square foot piece will be pulled together by British artist Helen Marshall, known for her mural of the Queen which was displayed at Gatwick Airport in 2013.

Credit: The People's Picture/Helen Marshall
Credit: The People's Picture/Helen Marshall

Alongside their pictures, people are asked to comment on what freedom means to them in 2020.

Once complete, the mural will be positioned outside in St Helier for six months. The stories and the pictures will later be archived for posterity.

This face is going to be made up of thousands of pictures. We're working with Jersey Heritage, we've got Jersey Archive, we've got lots and lots of pictures from the past that will be part of the picture but we want faces from today too. So what we're asking people to do is to take a picture of themselves and everyone in their family and all their friends and basically upload it to our website and they will then be part of this historic artwork.

Sophie Ridgway, ArtHouse Jersey

ArtHouse Jersey will also be sending photographers into the community to capture those who may not be online. Community groups who would like to get involved are asked to contact them.

Liberation 75 is a time for reflecting obviously on Liberation Day but also thinking about the fact that there aren't going to be that many anniversaries, big anniversaries left where people remember Liberation Day, who were there at the time and are around to talk about it. So I think a big part of Liberation 75 is going to be thinking how do we keep this commemoration modern, how do we keep it going for the next generation and how do we hand over those really important messages

Sophie Ridgway, ArtHouse Jersey

You can upload your photo on ArtHouse Jersey's website. The deadline for submissions is 15 March 2020.