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Water tariffs to rise in Jersey

The rise, which is in line with the September 2019 rise of 2.7% in RPI, means the average annual water bill will increase by £10.95. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Water bills in Jersey are set to rise from April.

Jersey Water's tariffs are increasing by 3p per day for the average household, in line with the 2.7% rise in RPI in September 2019.

It means the average annual water bill will increase by £10.95.

The company, which supplies over seven billion litres of water to over 40,000 businesses and homes, says it has kept price rises at or below the cost of living, in all but two of the past 20 years.

It says in the last decade the average cost has decreased by around £14.00 per year - a rate of 4.7% when factoring in the cost of inflation.

The Chief Executive says they have been able to keep price increases to a minimum wile offering customers the best value for money.

We work very hard to limit the impact of continuous and significant upward inflationary cost pressures on customer bills and have done this successfully over the past two decades. All the while, ensuring that we continue to make substantial investment in improving water quality, developing the Island’s water supply infrastructure and delivering high quality water with a high standard of service to the customers and the community we serve.

During 2019, the quality of the water supplied was very high, with an overall compliance rate of 99.97%. Our 2019 customer survey confirmed that Jersey Water continues to perform significantly better than the utilities sector in the UK Customer Satisfaction Index published by the Institute for Customer Service and we were among the best performing in customer perception of value for money for the service we provide.

– Helier Smith, Chief Executive of Jersey Water,

The company says it will be focussing on a water resources management plan in 2020 to try to address potential water shortages in the future.