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Jersey hospital citizens' panel reopens for applications

The panel's chair Francis Le Gresley asked for the process to be reopened as 15-25 year olds would be under represented on the panel. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A panel to gather public opinion on Jersey's future hospital has reopened for applications.

The deadline to apply for the citizens panel closed in November, with more than 150 people applying to offer up their views.

However, after looking through the applications, chair Francis Le Gresley asked for the process to be reopened, saying 15-25 year olds would be under-represented.

Two or three islanders from that age bracket are wanted to sit on the panel.

Since the process closed before Christmas with 154 applications, the Chair of the selection panel, Francis Le Gresley, has undertaken a careful – and anonymised – sifting process to ensure all of those who go through to the final random selection phase are impartial and have no conflicts of interest.

However, after that sifting process it became clear to him that young Islanders are under- represented. Therefore, after careful consideration – and with our full support – Mr Le Gresley has asked for the process to be re-opened for a few days to see if any further young Islanders can be encouraged to apply.

We thank and commend Mr Le Gresley for making every effort to ensure that the panel is as representative of the population as possible.”

– Deputy Hugh Raymond, Assistant Minister for Health and Community Services.

There are more than 11,000 people aged between 15 and 24 living in Jersey, making up 12% of the island's population.

Islanders within that age bracket who are interested in contributing are asked to submit an application via email to before 11:59pm on Friday 24 January.

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