Jersey's first electric car-sharing club launches

Jersey's first electric car-sharing club is now up and running.

Members of EVie will be able to book electric cars from locations across the island from around £7.50 per hour.

A fleet of three cars and one van have been made available to book through the app, but the company hopes to increase this to 20 vehicles by the end of 2020. They also hope that number will double again in 2021.

The scheme is initially being rolled out in St Helier, but the company's founder Gavin Breeze says it will extend to other parts of the island in future.

St Helier's Roads Committee has also approved four dedicated parking spaces for the vehicles - two on the Parade and two at Halkett Place - with plans for more as demand increases.

Constable Simon Crowcroft hopes the scheme will benefit a third of Jersey's population who live in St Helier and don't always have access to parking spaces.

Members can book the cars via an app, which they can use to unlock the car via a downloadable digital key.

Islanders are eligible to book the cars if they are aged 23 or above and hold a drivers license.