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The Queen’s grandson selling Jersey milk in China

The Queen’s eldest grandson is the face of a campaign selling Jersey milk.

The Queen’s eldest grandson, Peter Phillips, is fronting a campaign selling Jersey milk in China.

The company selling the milk has a herd of Jersey cows in China to provide fresh dairy products to customers.

A spokesperson for Jersey Dairy said that this will raise the profile of milk from Jersey cows, but they do not plan to enter the Chinese milk market themselves.

We don’t send any of our milk to China. We have looked at the market closely but it would require flying out the milk which proves expensive.

– Jersey Dairy Spokesperson
Peter Phillips drinking milk in the advert

Currently Jersey Dairy sends 40 pallets of Jersey ice cream to China.

The advert shows a replica royal carriage entering grand gates.

Peter Phillips, the son of Anne, Princess Royal is heard at the end of the advert saying ‘this is what I drink’.

Jersey Dairy believes that the milk is seen as ‘special’ and differentiates other brands on the market in China.