Guernsey’s Chief Minister warns of island 'grinding to a halt'

Guernsey’s Chief Minister has warned that the island could grind to a halt and be unable to face external pressure if politicians do not pull together after the June election.

Gavin St Pier has suggested the new island wide voting system, where members of the public can vote for up to 38 people, will be a test for Guernsey.

As the UK starts its trade negotiations with the EU, the Deputy says Guernsey politicians will have to keep pressure on their British contacts to ensure favorable outcomes for the Channel Islands - this will be especially difficult as Guernsey grapples with its new electoral system.

Chief Ministers lobby British parliament Credit: ITV Channel TV

He added that the threat of UK interference in the Channel Islands finance industry has not gone away.

The constitutional relationship between Crown Dependencies and the UK was put under pressure last year, when British politicians attempted to force the Channel Islands to publish lists of beneficial ownership. Local finance bosses has warned that this breach of clients privacy would make the islands less attractive as a place to do business. Deputy St Pier and Jersey's Chief Minister John Le Fondre lobbied the Conservative government to drop the proposals.

Gavin St Pier says he is very likely to stand for re-election in June. He says there is still work for him to do.