Power of Attorney laws proposed in Guernsey

The States of Guernsey will draft Power of Attorney laws.

The Committee for Health and Social Care has published a policy letter on new legislation to 'empower' islanders to make their own property, health or financial decisions - or to make sure those decisions can be made on their behalf if they lose the capacity.

Also included in the proposals is a Protective Authorisation Scheme, to cater for those islanders who no longer have capacity. It would assist them with issues including advance care planning, safeguarding and representation.

The policy letter also calls for the States to allocate additional funding to Legal Aid to allow islanders wanting to appeal decisions in future to receive the funding to do so.

It also includes a Proposition for the Committee to develop plans for an advocacy service to provide support to islanders who may not have family and friends to support them. This was highlighted as a gap in provision after a review of mental health and wellbeing services on the island.