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St Martin's bonfire finally goes up in flames

St Martin's parish bonfire is set alight Credit: ITV Channel TV

The organisers of the St Martin's bonfire display have set the structure alight - more than two months after it was meant to go up in flames.

The pile of wood has sat on the field in St Martin since the bonfire and firework display was cancelled in November.

Lester Richardson, Chairman of the Gorey Fete Committee says they needed to light it as the field was needed by a farmer to plant potatoes.

He said the fire brigade and parish hall were informed of the plan.

A farmer is due to plant his potato crop in this field. We needed to get rid of the bonfire, so he could use the field and the parish gets the rent. We were unable to dismantle the bonfire, so the only way to get rid of it was to light it.

– Lester Richardson, Chairman, Gorey Fete Committee

A number of people took to social media after seeing the bonfire alight, fearing that wildlife could be inside, but Mr Richardson said the bonfire was checked before it was lit.

We have had a good look to check for wildlife. We lifted up all the sides to check, and looked as much as we could to try and make sure there were no animals in there. Unfortunately it was not possible to dismantle or move the structure.

– Lester Richardson, Chairman, Gorey Fete Committee