JT and Sure may have ‘breached competition law’ with 5G networks

Jersey and Guernsey’s Competition and Regulation authorities are alleging that JT and Sure may have breached competition law over the construction and operation of 5G networks.

CICRA, comprised of Jersey and Guernsey’s Competition and Regulation authorities, released a statement saying the two companies will now have the opportunity to respond to allegations.

Fifth generation internet, or 5G, promises the fastest ever internet across the Channel Islands. 5G would bring faster data download and upload speeds compared to 1G which just allowed voice calls.

CICRA are in charge of issuing licences and setting rules for telecom companies entering the 5G market.

Sure and JT have both tried to get involved in the technology that has been criticised.

The authorities say they will consider any representations before they take action as to whether competition laws have been broken.

  • JT provided a response to ITV Channel:

JT notes the position being taken by the regulator on this issue with concern, and looks forward to discussing it with them, and responding formally in the coming weeks.