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Coronavirus causes Beijing school to cancel Jersey trip

Students from Bayi school on a previous trip to Jersey Credit: ITV Channel TV

A school from Beijing has cancelled its trip to Jersey over coronavirus concerns.

The students from Bayi school were scheduled to visit Hautlieu School for three days on 28 January.

The principal of the school has now cancelled the trip as a precaution.

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that range from a common cold right through to more severe diseases.

This virus originates from Wuhan City in China. Currently 26 people have died and 870 cases have been confirmed.

As it stands 10 cities in China have been shutdown to try and prevent the virus spreading further.

Whilst the majority of cases have been found in China and Asia, in the UK nine patients are awaiting test results.

Students from the Bayi school have previously visited Jersey.

A spokesperson for the Department of Children, Young People and Education said:

Although the focus remains on Wuhan and the definition of a probable case remains unchanged with a requirement for travel to or from Wuhan or contact with a case within 14 days of onset of respiratory symptoms, the number of new cases in the last 24 - 48 hours has led the principal from Bayi school to cancel the trip as a precaution. This anticipates local re- assessment of risk based on the recent further evolution of the outbreak.

– Spokesperson for Department of Children, Young People and Education

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