Islanders calling for parent and child parking permit scheme in Jersey

Parents in Jersey are calling for family bays in car parks to come with a permit.

Islanders have been voicing their concerns on social media saying they struggle to get their children in and out of small spaces when they cannot find a parent child parking spot.

Following an ITV News report in October 2019, there have been six more parent and child parking spaces introduced in Sand Street car park, bringing the total to 14.

A Jersey mum is now calling for the States to introduce a permit scheme.

Carolyn Ferguson and her baby at Sand Street car park in Jersey. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Perhaps the doctor could sign off to say that somebody needs that permit and then it gets renewed when the baby's born, perhaps an annual fee just to cover the administration. I know there's certain parts in the US that have this in place already and it seems to have had a really positive response there.

Carolyn Ferguson, Jersey mother

In a letter to the Infrastructure Minister, Carolyn Ferguson suggested a permit scheme could be the answer, saying it would work similar to a disabled blue badge, as a way to help police these spaces.

But the Infrastructure Minister says it is not something the government is considering, and says "it would be more bureaucracy, more legislation" and that they "like to keep things simple".

When asked what deterrents there are to stop people using the spaces, Deputy Kevin Lewis replied "people's consciences".

We [the government] rely on people's good will not to abuse the system. We do have CCTV cameras here, and there is the office... where that is monitored.

Deputy Kevin Lewis, Minister for Infrastructure
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