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Calls for government to return foreshore fines

The foreshore is the land that sits between low and high tide Credit: ITV Channel TV

A Jersey politician is calling for money paid by people living along the foreshore to be returned to them.

Jersey’s government has charged people for ‘encroaching’ on its land after the foreshore - the land that sits between low and high tide - was gifted by the Crown to the States five years ago.

Deputy Carolyn Labey is calling for any money paid to be given back.

Julian Mallison paid £25,000 after his property's steps and balcony encroached the foreshore.

Speaking to ITV News last year he said:

I'm a quantity surveyor, I've dealt with hundreds of sales over my career. I've never felt like I've been shafted before and I wouldn't expect that from the States of Jersey. Logically you'd have thought that having been granted ownership of the land in 2015, anything before that we'd let it be as it has been for hundreds of years.


The proposition also lays out a number of other proposals:

  • Compensation payments should be ceased immediately for alleged encroachments until a revised policy has been approved.
  • The revised policy should be debated by September 2020 and will clarify when encroachments are to be determined clearly show boundaries.
  • The Minister for Infrastructure should be asked to return any monies so far received from people whose grievances have been upheld by States of Jersey Complaints Board
  • The Department for Infrastructure should publish a map of all public accesses, footpaths and rights of way to the foreshore by the end of 2020.