Guinness World Record for Jersey's Celtic coin hoard

Jersey's Celtic coin hoard has received a Guinness World Record for the 'Largest collection of Iron Age coins discovered' in the British Isles.

The final number of coins found in the hoard stands at a remarkable 69,347 and overtakes the previous record of 54,951 found in Wiltshire.

Metal detectorists Reg Mead and Richard Miles first found the hoard in Jersey in 2012, with archaeologists surprised by such a large number.

Some of the treasure from the hoard is now on display at La Hougue Bie Museum and the hope is that it will allow people to understand the development of economies and coinage from over two thousand years ago.

The previous largest coin hoard from Wiltshire was discovered in 1978 at the former Roman town of Cunetio near to Mildenhall.

The copper alloy coins date back to the Third Century and were found during an archaeological excavation of the site.

The largest hoard of coins ever found in the world was in Brussels in 1908 with 150,000 silver medieval pennies from the 13th Century uncovered.