Monday:The latest on Storm Ciara and the Channel Islands

It's February - it's typical, wet and wild weather for this time of year, and the third named storm of the season arrived this weekend.

Storm Ciara tracked across the Atlantic in a jet stream travelling at 250mph. It meant the winds speed closer to the ground was gusting to 90-100mph around Wales' coast line but further south, the islands also felt the impact.

fast moving jet stream #StormCiara Credit: ITV

The impact was primarily on Sunday evening and into the overnight period. Prior to that, it was quite tranquil on Jersey's south coast. Having said that, there was flight disruption for most of the day due to planes being in the wrong place with much greater disruption caused by storm Ciara in the UK.

By 1.00am Monday morning, however, the winds had increased and the strongest gusts had been recorded 77mph at Jersey's harbour, 71mph at Jersey airport, but 81 mph out at sea at the Channel Light Vessel.

Victoria Avenue in Jersey was closed westbound at high tide this morning at 7.00am, when debris was thrown over the sea wall. This was more to do with high spring tide, and swell that excessive wind speed at the time.

Throughout today, the winds across the islands will gust up to similar values as we experienced at 1.00am this morning, and Jersey Met Have issued a red warning.

Squally showers, thunder, lightning and possibly hail, will move up the channel along with a band of rainfall. There could be around 5mm of rainfall today falling on already saturated land - and we may see more trees fall and debris thrown around until tonight when the winds ease again.

*Red warning issed at 9am Credit: Jersey Met

*It is important to remember that this warning covers the sea as well, and across the land it will be gale force 8-9. Storm Force 10 is out at sea.

Guernsey Police have also issued notices on their Facebook page:

Awareness issued in Guernsey Credit: Facebook

This week will be unsettled with a brief respite on Wednesday, but strong winds are likely to be a feature at times throughout this week.

I'll have more on the forecast in our bulletins on ITV Channel TV throughout the day, plus I will be updating Twitter @Sophiaweather