A man in Jersey has found an 80 year old glass bottle with a message inside:

The note asks the finder to communicate with John Stapleford and gives an address in Hertfordshire.

It is dated 5 September 1938 and was written on the back of an old cake box from Cawley Brothers Limited, which was once based on Halkett Street in St Helier.

Nigel Hill who found the bottle has been in touch with the current resident at the Barnet address. They do not know Mr Stapleford, but have confirmed that a Mr Stapleford did once own it.

Nigel is now trying to track down relatives of John Stapleford, so he can return the bottle and note to them.

He has asked islanders for help finding them and after some research he thinks Mr Stapleford may have spent his final years in Norfolk.

Walking the dog on the beach at St Aubins and I found a bottle with a note in it. It was a nondescript bottle but the note inside looks to be written by a John Stapleford dated 1938 so its 82 years old . The piece of card its written on is from a cake box (Cawley Bros Ltd in Halkett Street) .

Nigel Hill