1. ITV Report

2,000 cases of public sector staff signed off for stress over last five years

Credit: ITV Channel TV

The number of times public sector workers have been signed off due to stress in the last five years has topped 2,000 in Jersey.

A freedom of information request by ITV News has found that since 2015, there have been 2,013 occurrences of people taking time off because of stress and anxiety.

Hospital workers made up the largest group needing time away from work, with a total number of 537 cases.

Jersey's government listed a number of other professions in the FOI and how many staff had been signed off for stress and anxiety:

  • 50 members of the States of Jersey Police
  • 47 people working in the Prison Service
  • 21 from the Ambulance Service
  • Fewer than ten workers from the Fire and Rescue Service