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Teachers show their support for three-school model in Guernsey

Teachers from St Sampson's High School say 98.9% of staff wish to express their support for a three school model. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Teachers at St Sampson's High School have come out in support of the three-school model to reform secondary school education in Guernsey.

In a letter to politicians, St Sampson's say 98.9% of teachers support the model with a co-located Sixth Form located on one of the sites.

It comes before the States debate on Wednesday 26 February where the future of education will be debated for the third time.

The plans were voted on in both January 2018 and September 2019, but have since faced strong opposition from members of the community including teachers, parents and local residents.

Last month more than 20 students walked out of lessons to protest against the plans for secondary school education in Guernsey.

Six amendments have been put in to the original requête calling for a halt to the proposed one-school, two-site model.

What are the amendments?

  • Consider the business case - Guernsey's Policy & Resources Committee want the rest of the States to 'reaffirm' the current plan but put forward a business case for both a one-school, two-site model and a three-school model.
  • Halt the reform and focus on improving current schools - Deputy McSwiggan wants to have a look at plans to rebuild La Mare de Carteret primary school and plans for the creation of Guernsey Institute.
  • Take a look at transport - Deputy De Saumarez wants a comprehensive Travel Plan for the one-school, two-site model before it gets approved.
  • No selective education - Deputy De Saumarez always wants the States to clarify that only non-selective models of secondary education will be considered in relation to this proposition.
  • Stick to the plan - the Education Committee want to maintain the current timeline to deliver the reforms but will debate at a later stage whether further space should be added at the Lisia School.
  • Move to the three-school model - Deputy David De Lisle wants to rescind the decision for a one-site, two-school model and move to a three-school model.

Teachers at St Sampson's are urging politicians to back the first amendment by Guernsey's Policy & Resources Committee to allow a full business case to be put forward.

They argue concerns raised by Douzaines, teaching and support staff and the public have been ignored.

Events in recent weeks have certainly shown that there is a significant number of the community who are not satisfied with the proposals currently being deployed for the one school, two site model.

There have been majority votes against the associated traffic proposals in douzaine public meetings; a majority of island douzaines who are not supporting the plans; a majority of school teaching and support staff who have clearly laid out their concerns; significant public interest and comments on social media and in the press; and a strong turn out at the protest march.

We appreciate that the Deputy St Pier/Trott amendment includes liaison with stakeholders which, despite ESC’s comments to the contrary, has not happened with the present committee or its leaders. We would encourage meetings with deputies and leaders in the coming weeks to discuss this further, to correct and support our misgivings with the two site, one school model and build on a plan going forward.

We remain solely committed to obtaining the best educational outcome for the people of Guernsey.

– St Sampson's High School

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