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Red rebels call for Jersey's government to force the finance sector to stop investing in fossil fuels

Extinction Rebellions red rebels were also lobbying states members Credit: ITV Channel TV

Campaigners are calling for politicians in Jersey to stop the finance sector investing in fossil fuels around the world.

Protesters gathered outside Jersey's States building this morning, lobbying politicians as they entered.

Extinction Rebellion also want the government to ensure any citizens assembly about climate change is legally binding, rather than just advisory.

Although our government has made a good start in tackling carbon neutrality, it’s simply not enough, the government needs to broaden their objective and they need to move faster, the clock is ticking.

– Jersey Extinction Rebellion
States members were greeted by two demands Credit: ITV Channel TV

This demonstration is designed to encourage states members and the general public to back changes to the Carbon Neural Strategy and broaden their views on the climate emergency. We need a system change, not just a Carbon Neutral Strategy.

– Jersey Extinction Rebellion

Campaigners have said that many states members are not responding to their demands.

  • ITV News spoke to Eckart Weber from Jersey's Extinction Rebellion: