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Charities concerned about Jersey's new care model

Charities and care homes will be needed to help bring care closer to the community. Credit: PA Images

Charities in Jersey are expressing their concern about the future care model.

The model aims to take pressure off Jersey’s hospital by putting more emphasis on community-based care.

The government says these changes need to be made to reflect longer lifespans and more complex health needs.

As part of the model the new hospital, when built, will ‘concentrate on specialist and emergency care’.

This will mean charities and care homes will be needed to help bring care closer to the community.

Some organisations are saying they have not got the staff or funding to deal with more demand.

First of all, we're 100% behind the government in producing a care model that is suitable to meet islanders needs.

But we have concerns because there's a lot of areas and work streams that have been touched on but not explored enough.

– Shaun Findlay, CEO Les Amis

I don't think we're alone at the moment in facing huge problems recruiting and retaining the appropriate level of staff. We've got a number of staff here who are agency staff. It's costing us many thousands of pounds a month to actually secure those people.

Certainly the health department have long recognised they need to up skill the quality of care assistants, they need more nurses.

– Jim Hopley - Jersey Cheshire Home

Jersey Cheshire home is a residential home for adults with physical disabilities.

It has a hydrotherapy pool which other charities and groups can use. The government is hoping charities collaborate more like this in future.

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