Guernsey students sent home over coronavirus fears

Students returning to Guernsey from a school trip in Northern Italy have been sent home over coronavirus concerns.

At least one child is showing relevant symptoms and is being tested for the virus.

A decision was made to send students at Guernsey's Grammar School home after Public Health England issued advice saying anyone who has visited the region to self isolate themselves.

The children had been on a ski trip to Piedmont during the February half term.

The relevant symptoms for a coronavirus (cough, fever, shortness of breath) are common to many winter illnesses which are frequently seen at this time of year. The risk to the children and staff attending this ski trip is currently considered to be low and our actions at this stage are precautionary.

Dr Brink, Director of Public Health

Everyone who was sent home will be contacted by Public Health Services for further advice.

We have been working closely with colleagues from Public Health, who in turn have been in regularly contact with the Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre Headteacher. Public Health are the experts and lead agency and therefore it is essential to follow the advice they have provided. We fully support the precautionary action they have asked the school to take.

Ed Ashton, Director of Operations for Education