1. ITV Report

Policy and Resources Committee breaks Data Protection Law

Four sets of complaints were lodged against the Committee. Credit: ITV Channel TV

One of Guernsey's government departments has been reprimanded for breaking data protection laws.

The Policy and Resources Committee has breached the Data Protection Law by failing to reveal the personal data it had on those in the Home Affairs Committee.

It came after it did a Good Governance review of the Committee which looked at how well the department was being run.

According to the Office of Data Protection Authority (DPA), Policy and Resources breached section 12(3) of the Data Protection Law which gives individuals the 'right to information for personal data collected from data subject.'

Four sets of complaints were lodged against the Committee with the DPA concluding that it 'did not provide the complainants with the information they had a right to be part of a review of committee governance.'

The DPA says Policy and Resources will be issued with a 'formal reprimand.'

In a statement from the Home Affairs Committee, they say at the time when they tried to make the Policy and Resources Committee aware of their breach, they were not listened to.

This breach was a major contributing factor in the decision made by two former members, Deputies Prow & Graham, of the Home Affairs Committee to resign over the way the review was commissioned and conducted. Despite being replaced by very able Deputies, their departure caused a disruption to the ability of the Committee to progress its important Committee responsibilities.

– Statement on behalf of Deputy Mary Lowe, Deputy Rob Prow, Deputy Richard Graham, Deputy Victoria Oliver, Deputy Marc Leadbeater

In response to the decision, the Policy and Resources Committee say they accept the outcome.

The Policy & Resources Committee notes and respects the findings of the Data Protection Authority with regard to the complaints made following the Governance Review of the Committee for Home Affairs.

The specific issues which resulted in a breach of the Law are operational and not political in nature, and the Office of the Policy & Resources Committee is reviewing its processes.

The Policy & Resources Committee notes the DPA is issuing a reprimand, reflecting the relatively minor and technical nature of the breach.

– Statement from the Policy and Resources Committee