Draft discrimination laws amended and up for debate once again

New discrimination laws will be debated by Guernsey's politicians at the next States sitting in April.

The new laws would make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of race and disability, as well as making it unlawful to discriminate against someone who is an unpaid carer of a person with a disability.

The first draft of the legislation was published in August 2019 but after critical feedback from businesses, the Employment and Social Security Committee announced that elements of the legislation would be 'refocussed'.

The feedback came as part of a consultation which saw more than 1,000 proposals.

But plans to refocus the legislation sparked anger from some advocacy groups.

This second draft includes development of services and guidance and training for employers on their responsibilities.

The politician putting forward the legislation says there will likely still be some disagreement over the proposals.

The Committee says more work will have to be done in the areas excluded when the legislation was 'scaled back', including age, sexual orientation and religious belief.

In the meantime, existing laws will remain in place with the intention of reviewing them at a later date and incorporating them with new legislation.

If passed, the legislation could be effective from 2022.