Coronavirus: The latest on the Channel Islands' preparations

The governments of Jersey and Guernsey have issued more guidance on how they are prepared to deal with any potential Coronavirus outbreaks.

40 people have been confirmed as having the virus in the UK, with more than 89,000 confirmed cases around the world.

So far, more than 100 tests have been carried out across both islands, with no cases being recorded.


More than 60 tests have been carried out in Guernsey with no confirmed cases being recorded Credit: ITV Channel TV

It has been confirmed that all students and staff from Guernsey's Grammar School who went on a ski trip to Northern Italy have tested negative for Coronavirus.

The island's government has also updated its travel advice for those returning to the Bailiwick.

Deputy Heidi Soulsby, President of the Committee for Health & Social Care, provided an update on the situation to the States Assembly.

She said that the threat of any kind of flu outbreaks had already been recognised as 'one of the island's highest risks' which meant the island already had 'robust and co-ordinated plans in place'.

She also told the Assembly that as the situation had 'significantly changed', more focus was being placed on continuing supply chains and managing the potential economic impact of the virus on the island if it were to escalate.


41 tests have been carried out in Jersey, but no confirmed cases have been recorded. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey States Members are receiving a briefing by health officials on Tuesday 3 March on the island's response to the Coronavirus outbreak, detailing the preparations which are in place should any islander test positive for the virus.

Dr Ivan Muscat says the government is taking all the necessary precautions and islanders should not be alarmed at this stage.

Advice from the States of Jersey on Coronavirus Credit: States of Jersey

Advance monitoring is being carried out at the airport with passengers arriving directly from affected areas being told how to report symptoms during the flight, upon landing or after leaving the airport.

The government says health officials have an established plan to respond if anyone falls ill with the virus.

Further information and travel advice is available on the government website.