‘Responsive’ migration controls suggested in Jersey

People moving to Jersey could be split into four categories under a new population control policy.

Jersey’s Migration Policy Development Board has published its final migration report which examines how the government can manage migration in the island.

Two of the suggested statuses, nine months and four years, do not give workers the right to remain in Jersey permanently.

  • Nine month status

For seasonal work during peak times of the year (potato harvesting, tourism, etc).

People can return to work but only after a three month break.

The Government says no residency rights would be built up with this status.

  • Four year status

For year round work.

A worker could return to Jersey, but only after a one year break.

Residency rights would be built up during this time, but ‘lost during absences’.

  • Ten year status

For people filling specific skill gaps in the island. Some workers would receive this status immediately, others would be transferred after completing the four year status.

This would lead to permanent residency.

  • Long term status

For people who have lived in Jersey for at least ten years, giving them full access to houses and jobs.

In the future this will only be available to people who have been brought up in Jersey and to people transferring from a ten year status.

The board has carried out interviews and meetings with organisations and people across Jersey over the last 11 months to formulate the plans.

The report will be debated by the States in April 2020.