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Here to help: Channel Island charity helping people worried about coronavirus

The charity is asking people to call them rather than visit the centre. Credit: Mind Jersey

Mind in Jersey are encouraging people to speak to them if their mental health has been affected by coronavirus.

The charity is asking people to call them if they need to speak.

Please remember that you can contact us at any time if you feel your mental health has been impacted by these turbulent times.

– Jersey Mind

In the UK, Mind have seen that those who feel bored, frustrated or afraid may be more likely to have mental health issues.

  • Rosie Weatherley - Mind information content manager
  • Keeping in contact

It is hugely important we all stay in touch with the people we care about, checking in with people.

– Rosie Weatherley, Mind UK Information Content Manager

Using social media, Skype, Facetime and other messaging platforms.

Those that do not have access to the internet should pick up a phone and chat to friends.

  • Maintain a routine

Routines keep a sense of normality. Cooking with your friends or family over video calls, doing exercise inside and keeping your mind busy.

  • 'Take care' of what you say

People are also being reminded to be careful how they talk about the virus, and to not suggest it ‘only affects people who have a long term condition or older people’.

Those overwhelmed by the amount of information could limit how often they scroll through social media feeds.

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