Coronavirus: Jersey's schools and colleges to close

The majority of Jersey's schools and colleges are to close from Monday 23 March to try and reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Schools and colleges will be shut for two weeks which will roll into the Easter Holidays.

It will mean the earliest estimated return to lessons is expected to be around Monday 20 April.

The decision has been made by the island's Education Minister, Senator Tracey Vallois after speaking with the Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health. The month will be used to decide whether there needs to more closures depending on the latest health advice.

Students will be required to continue studying from home with work being set by teachers.

The government says that schools will be open to staff and for some selected years groups, specifically those in years 11 and 13 who have exams in the summer.

Senator Vallois says private schools and early years and childcaregroups should also follow the Government of Jersey's health care advice.

While schools and colleges are closed, parents and carers are being urged to encourage their children to social distance and not to attend parties and out-of-school activities.

The States say they are working to see if they can organise childcare for some essential workers.