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Coronavirus worries leads to more 999 calls to Jersey's emergency services

The Ambulance service has received the greatest increase in phone calls. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey's Emergency Services are asking people not to misuse 999 after an increase of calls from people with coronavirus worries.

The services say some calls do not require an emergency response.

From now on those ringing 999 may also be asked coronavirus related questions to ensure the safety of staff.

We ask these extra questions so that we can promote the safety of everyone involved and reduce the speed of the virus spreading.

The answers will not affect whether we respond to calls for service, it just means our staff can take appropriate precautions where they do attend.

– Inspector Huw Williams, States of Jersey Police

The Ambulance service has received the greatest increase in phone calls.

We understand that there is nervousness related to Covid-19 but the Government have robust measures in place and have set up a hotline for those who think they may have symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who has.

We are finding that people are ringing the hotline but then calling us on 999 if they’re not getting the response that they want. This is not an acceptable use of a vital service.

It’s so important that we work as an Island to ensure that we preserve emergency assets for those who really need them. Please think before you dial.

– Gordon Hunt States of Jersey Ambulance Service

Islanders are being reminded that Jersey’s coronavirus hotline number is 01534 445566.

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