Coronavirus: Guernsey schools to close

Guernsey schools are set to close in a bid to help limit the spread of coronavirus in the island.

The Director of Public Health has decided that schools, colleges and pre-schools will be closed from Monday 23 March, continuing through to the Easter holidays.

The results of tests, which get sent off-island, are taking longer to come back as the demand in the UK continues to grow.

It is the delays to these tests results that has prompted Guernsey to close schools to limit the spread of the disease.

Dr Nikki Brink says she hopes testing facilities will be available in Guernsey soon, which will help reveal a more accurate picture of cases on the island.

Once on-island testing is introduced, the government says it thinks that it could enable the full re-opening of schools after the Easter break.

The government says parents who are essential workers will be provided with childcare so they can continue going to work.