All travellers to Jersey must self isolate for 14 days

All travellers to Jersey must now self-isolate for 14 days, on arriving in the island.

This includes those coming from the UK, Guernsey, Europe and the rest of the world and is regardless of whether they are displaying flu-like symptoms or not.

The government have stepped up its policy to combat the spread of coronavirus.

People should not come to the island unless they can self isolate effectively for the two weeks.

The rules came into effect as of midnight and say:

  • Solo travellers, who live alone, should immediately go into self-isolation.

  • A family or group travelling together should ALL immediately go into self-isolation.

  • where a solo traveller is returning to a shared or family home, they should separate themselves from others in the home in accordance with self-isolation advice.

  • Travellers should go straight home from the airport - and that means straight home - not to the shops on the way.

  • Those arriving who don't have symptoms can use public transport, but only for the hour after landing and they must practice social distancing.

  • Transport will be provided for anyone with symptoms.

During the self-isolation period of 14 days, anyone who develops flu-like symptoms should call the helpline.

People are advised not to travel to the Island unless they have the ability to self-isolate for a full 14 days in Jersey.

Islanders are also being asked to limit off island travel, unless it is essential - such as for medical care, or to care for a vulnerable dependent.

The self isolation rules do not apply to essential workers. The government says 'their presence in Jersey is very important to help us to keep the Island running'.

If essential workers develop symptoms of coronavirus within 14 days of travel, or if they come into contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 however, must self-isolate and self-refer.

They are also being asked to limit their travel in and out of the island.