Jersey's Government announces economic rescue package for vulnerable businesses

Jersey's government will subsidise the wages of workers in vulnerable sectors of the island's economy, to help sustain them through the coronavirus pandemic.

The Coronavirus Payroll Co-funding Scheme will see up to £200 per week paid to islanders working in the hospitality, retail, wholesale and agriculture and fisheries sector over the next six weeks.

It will come into effect for those employed today and until the end of March, with the first payment due at the beginning of April.

If we don't help businesses to help people, we will weaken some of our most critical economic infrastructure. This must be kept intact for when the island recovers. We want and ask businesses to support their employees as we are supporting them in these challenging times. Support for business is support for people, protecting jobs and protecting livelihoods.

Senator Lyndon Farnham, Jersey's Minister for Economic Development

The scheme will remain in place until the end of April when a longer-term solution will be put forward for debate in the States Assembly.

The announcement comes just days after the government pledged £180 million to keep businesses afloat during this crisis