BLOG: This is the new normal, get with the game

In his first coronavirus blog for ITV Channel TV, reporter Gary Burgess reflects on the difficult transition to our 'new normal'. Credit: Gary Burgess

After my own four months in almost constant self-isolation for cancer treatment, today is actually my first day back at work.

And what a moment to return!

Before you ask, yes I am working from home and yes I am heeding my doctor’s advice - and a quick thank you to all who’ve sent me good wishes.

You may be drowning in coronavirus overload at the moment. There seems to be advice coming from all sides as well as stupid rumours on social media.

If you listening to nothing else, remember something called “social distancing” which is just a posh way of saying that if you go out, do not go near anybody at any point. The advice in Guernsey is to stay two metres away from other people, and it’s one metre in Jersey.

That’s such a powerfully effective way of reducing the spread of the virus, as is good hygiene and staying at home unless you really have to go out.

Here’s a quick video from me on the latest ‘stuff’ happening across the Channel Islands that you may or may not know about...

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