Coronavirus puts Jersey's hospitality jobs under threat

Businesses with vacancies in Jersey are being urged to take on workers who lose their jobs due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Head of Jersey's Hospitality Association, Simon Soar says people are already being made redundant, and companies need to help each other out.

Some of those at risk in hospitality industry are already being offered temporary work in other sectors that are seeing high demand.

Jersey Hospitality Association along with GR8 recruitment have set up a scheme to put employers and the workers at risk in touch with companies that need them.

The aim is to prevent the closure of some tourism businesses by reducing their staffing overheads.

My encouragement would be if there's anyone with small or big businesses out there if you have any hours you could help be fulfilled - whether its five, ten, fifteen thirty, fifty whatever that is please get hold of GR8 and say you're happy to take someone on to do some work.

Simon Soar, Jersey Hospitality
Simon Soar, Jersey Hospitality Chief Executive, says businesses have 'no choice but to make staff redundant' Credit: ITV Channel TV

Measures put in place to slow the spread of coronavirus are having a knock on effect, with fewer hotel reservations, little tourism and less restaurant bookings.

We’re in a position where businesses have no choice but to make staff redundant at this stage. We’ve got very large premises with very large overheads the business we are expecting now doesn’t exist. Hotels are empty. People aren’t going out for food. It’s a real concern.

Simon Soar, Jersey Hospitality

The scheme would see hospitality staff getting temporary secondments with businesses that are seeing some staff isolating or could see an increase in demand - such as in the retail and care industries.

GR8 are going above and beyond to help our industry with this creative solution and they are doing this at cost. This could make the difference between a hospitality business being able to re-open once this crisis has passed or whether it has to close for good. We are at the stage where some businesses are having to make that choice.

Simon Soar, Jersey Hospitality

It is hoped the staff will then be able to return to work in the hospitality sector when it recovers.